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We provide communications, consulting and coaching services that include:

  • strategic promotional planning;


  • business and publicity coaching;


  • media training;


  • and do-it-yourself business training programs.


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Coaching Programs

To learn about Lisa Elia’s coaching programs, visit


DIY Programs

To find out about Lisa’s do-it-yourself communication and PR programs, visit


Media Training and Presentation Skills Training

For information on our media training services, visit our sister site:

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In my work with individuals, small businesses and corporations, I have helped clients to launch and grow their businesses, increase sales, gain major publicity coverage and run their businesses more efficiently. I have also run my own companies for most of the last 20 years, managing multiple projects, employees, vendors and experiencing all the joys and challenges that go with being an entrepreneur and business owner.”

  ~ Lisa Elia, CEO and Founder

We have booked and prepped clients for interviews with:


Lisa Elia has been interviewed by media outlets, such as: Outlets that Lisa has been featured in_stacked 12-20-12


Results we’ve helped clients achieve include:

320% increase in sales
$25,000+ first-time author deal
$35,000+ endorsement deal


If you would like to discuss a specific project, please call us at 310-479-0217.


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