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At Elia Erickson Consulting, we provide services and programs to help people run and grow their businesses with greater ease and joy.

Our areas of expertise include developing business strategy and streamlining processes for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and publicity coaching. Through our sister company, Expert Media Training, we also provide media training and presentation training services.

Lisa Elia, Business Strategist, Business Coach and Publicity Coach and creator of How to Get Publicity and The Streamlined CEO System

“Blending the wisdom that comes from serving thousands of clients and more than 20 years of business and communication experience, with the best new techniques and technologies, we create plans and programs that create a more direct and smooth path to success.”

~ Lisa Elia, CEO and Founder of Elia Erickson Consulting and Expert Media Training

Lisa has been interviewed and shared her expertise in media outlets that include…

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Our Programs and Services Include:

Publicity Coaching

Business Strategy and Streamlining Services

General Communication Skills Development

Media Training and Messaging, Presentation Skills Refinement


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Read what other clients have to say about their work with us.


  • Testimonial from Kimberly Jesika for Los Angeles Business Strategist and Coach Lisa Elia
    “The systems I learned helped me to garner clients that brought my income to over $311,000 in business in one year alone, over a quarter of a million dollars.

    Being in Lisa Elia’s mastermind changed my life forever. It allowed me to see I was not in the best niche for my business in order for it to be sustainable and profitable.”

    Kimberly Jesika, Film and TV Producer and Graphic Novel Author
  • Testimonial from Jacqueline Delibes for Los Angeles Business Strategist and Coach Lisa Elia
    “Give Lisa Elia time to brainstorm and she will create powerful strategies with you to propel your business upward. Lisa is wonderful at drilling down far enough to uncover the essence of your brand and then she helps develop it further. There is a lot of overlap between crafting an effective PR campaign and building a business from the ground up; I think of Lisa as both a publicist and a business partner.

    No matter what stage you think you’re at with your business, I strongly advise working with Lisa.”

    Jacqueline Delibes, Writer www.jacquelinedelibes.com
  • Testimonial from Laurel Airica for Los Angeles Business Strategist and Coach Lisa Elia
    “Lisa is knowledgeable and sophisticated in her field – as well as kind and generous in the sharing of her wealth of understanding. She really knows what it takes to bring one’s creative vision out into the world in ways that can reach and serve the most people – while providing the greatest level of personal fulfillment.”

    Laurel Airica, Creator of WordMagic: An Enchanted Literary Entertainment
  • Testimonial from Lisa Greenfield for Los Angeles Business Strategist and Coach Lisa Elia
    “After a career in sales and management consulting, it was time to give my own dream a chance and I wanted PR advice for today’s competitive media environment. Lisa Elia’s course is astounding. It offers straight-talking, manageable sections of information to build a solid business foundation and then helps shape an effective and comprehensive strategy for growth. It demonstrates how to achieve an inviting professional presentation and cohesive messaging. To say I am impressed is an understatement.

    It would be almost impossible to find better value for your time and money or a more engaging person to teach it!”

    Lisa Greenfield, Truth in Hand www.truthinhand.com
  • Testimonial from Maya Mathias for Los Angeles Business Strategist and Coach Lisa Elia
    "Lisa Elia oozes professionalism, care and deep expertise. Her How to Get Publicity program is a delightful treasure trove of get-to-the-heart-of-it training content and action plans. In a few short weeks, I was able to crystallize my messaging, organize my online press room and secure my first online radio show appearance. Then, Lisa and I had the opportunity to spend some quality time brainstorming story angles that would serve my business, amplify my message and attract my tribe. Her ideas were mind-expanding and I can't wait to pitch them to media outlets.

    I'm excited to keep the conversation going as my business grows and my message spreads."

    Maya Mathias, The Global Leadership Creator www.inventivelinks.com

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